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smurfchops | 14:21 Fri 12th Mar 2010 | Technology
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I have Windows XP and mainly use the internet, and Word for documents. I have absolutely loads of programmes in my Add/Delete list and I don't know if I need them or not. I would like to have a good clear out. Sorry for the long list but they are :

Apple Mobile Device Support & Software Update; Bonjour; Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer; ebay toolbar; GoToAssist; iTunes; Live Update 2.5 (symantec corp); MSML 4.0 SP2 (four of these, different numbers); Power DVD; Quick Time; Real Player Basic Plus Loads of different Microsoft ones: Money; Photo premium (I have HP ImageZone Express which I use for editing photos); Silverlight; Usermode Driver Framework Pack 1.0; Visual C++ 2008; Works; 2005 Setup Launcher and Suite Add-In for Word.

Can someone tell me if I need these, and what they are ?? Thanks all.


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Why do you want a clear out?

The danger with a random clear out is that you may well stop something working. Then you have a h*ll of a job finding the program again and reinstalling it and hoping it starts working again.

Some of these programs will make your hardware works, others may make some of your software work. Some programs require OTHER programs to make them work and get installed at the same time. Even though YOU dont think you need it maybe one of your programs does.

Unless you have a VERY good reason for having a clear out then leave everything where it is, you are likely to do more harm than good.
Let me give you one example why you should not muck around.

On your list you have "Visual C++ 2008".

You may say you have no idea what it is and you never use it, so you uninstall it.

But this is a piece of Microsoft code to allow OTHER programs to run.

If you uninstall it some other programs would stop working, but you may have no idea why. And even if you DID figure it was because you had uninstalled this "Visual C++ 2008" would you know where to find it to download it and install it again.

No, probably not, so leave everything alone.
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Thanks VHG point taken :)

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