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Reverandfunk | 09:47 Mon 05th Nov 2007 | Technology
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Installed a new freeview box to my portable at the weekend and although it works there is a horrible yellow tinge to the picture. I went and replaced the box and the new one does the same. The colour is ok when the box is switched off.

Answers on a postcard please lol


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Try changing the connecting lead. Preferably use a "gold" scart lead if possible.
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I did wonder about the scart lol

How much are the gold ones?
Not sure as I got mine a long time ago, but try Ebay.
I was told once by an engineer that the gold ones are a waste of time. No different to a good plain scart.
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Thanks olgit if thats the case i'll just have to pretend that everyone has jaundice....
The "gold" ones have better quality cable and fittings with better conductivity. I find it makes quite a difference.

It's rather like using a normal piece of wire to connect your hi-fi speakers, compared to quality purpose built copper wire.
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Bought 2 scarts for �1.49 from Asda, job done!
Were they Gold?

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