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TEAK36 | 09:05 Tue 07th Aug 2007 | Technology
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My daily AVG scan has just found a virus called Win32/Ngvck.BS. I have tried to find out more information by tying the virus name into various search engines, but none of them recognise the virus name.

Please can someone help me find out what this virus is?


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In your search box - (Start - Search) type:


Does it find anything?
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Hi Ethel and rojash,

Ethel, I could not find anything under the number you entered. I looked in my AVG Virus vault and I found the following 3 items.
File Name- DVD Cloner3.exe
File Name DVD Cloner III 305 build 386
File Name A0018382.exe

The 2 DVD Cloner ones confuse me because I do not have DVD Cloner installed on my Laptop.I did download the software ages ago, but I never installed it.AVG only picked up these 3 items this morning, yet I run the AVG scan every day.

I have no idea what the third item is.

I am now getting worried because I followed the link supplied by rojash and many of the results state that this virus is dangerous. If it is in the AVG Virus vault, does this mean it has been 'made safe'? I have not noticed any problems with my Laptop.

Set a restore point.

Empty the AVG virus vault. Reboot the laptop, starting in safe mode.

Run AVG again. Hopefully that will be the end of it. As AVG has 'captured' it, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
If it's in the AVG virus vault, then as Ethel says, you are quite safe. The idea of the vault is that things get put there rather than deleted, so that if they are infected essential files, they may be repaired (at a later date), or if they are misidentified, they may be restored (rather like putting files in the recycle bin - they are to all intents and purposes deleted, but may be recovered if you so choose).
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Thanks everyone for your help.

I emptied the vault and did a complete scan, and no threats were found, so it looks as though all is ok.

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