CD-ROM not working

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filthiestfis | 00:28 Tue 07th Aug 2007 | Technology
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I'm at my wit's end. When I insert a blank CD into my CD-rom driver, it says that there is no CD inside. I have tried with several CDS and same thing always happens.

Whats going on?


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Sounds like you havent got any burning software on your pc. Does the cd player on your pc recognise pre recorded disks ie soft ware or music disks etc. I had a similar problem and installed Nero and now all is fine and i can record blank disks as normal etc
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But how can this have happened?
I was burning onto CD and DVD all the time until I went on hol a couple of weeks ago.
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This is awful. I have tried to install Nero...once it got to 100% downloaded I got a pop up window saying windows installer is not installed properly...therefore Nero did not install.
Basically anything I try to install now is stopped by Windows.
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more likely to be a Windows Installer error

download a new one from here
Could be missing drivers. Go to command prompt* and type in without quotes: 'driverquery'. Now look down the long list and see if your CD rom drivers are registered.
If it was working okay a couple of weeks ago, you could try a system restore.
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The system restore only goes back as far as the beginning of this month Reverend. The calendar wont allow me to go back to july!

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CD-ROM not working

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