Basic laptop ???

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beejaybee | 13:51 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | Technology
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My husband needs a basic lap top for work which is "idot proof". Any recommendations please. TIA ???


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What's an idot ?

What things does he expect to do with it that cause concern ? drop it, delete files from it ?

No laptop is idiot proof. By doing the wrong things you can easily break or damage one.

I am not an idiot, but I was once eating a bowl of cornflakes while using my laptop and spilt the whole bowl on the keyboard which soaked into the inside and ruined it.

Some laptops are made for people who work in the construction industry and are sightly tougher than other laptops.

Apart from that I cannot think of any laptop that is more idiot proof than any other.
Judging from a lot of the questions on AB, there is no such thing as an idiot-proof computer, whether desktop or laptop ;-)

That said, the closest he's likely to get to one that's idiot-proof will probably be found here: e.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=32B42242&nclm=MacBook

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Thanx a lot.
looks like a big version of the new i pod mini shuffle rojash but then again suppose it is an apple
If your husband uses any programs that are windows-only, then get another type of laptop. If he just uses more standard programs like the Microsoft Office suite, then I totally agree with rojash: the macbook is a great little computer.

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Basic laptop ???

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