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jezmatron | 14:37 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | Technology
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I've recently installed Norton internet security '06 which I got free with my laptop that i bought last year.. It's a 1.3Ghz Celeron with 256MB mem.. now this Internet security advised me to erase ZoneAlarm, so I did thinking this would be fine.. hoeer now that I'm runing on this norton one.. My computer is unbearably slow and often runs out of 'virtual memory'. Anyone got any tips?


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If only you read searched through previous questions and answers on here first!

Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton Antivirus (NAV) are probably the most vilified products on the market.

Uninstall NIS (you will probably need to get special instructions from the Symantec web site to do this as it f*cks so thoroughly with your system.

Then, re-installl ZoneAlarm and get your self a free copy of AVG antivirus and install that.

You can get AVG free from here: #avg-anti-virus-free
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thanks so much.. I always take the time to look at the previous questions it suggests, but couldn't see any that were of relevance..

but still.. thanks.
I totally agree with rojash and his comments. Norton is invasive, a memory hogger and is nothing but trouble and getting rid of it is not easy. The free Zone alarm and AVG are what I use and come with no problems or cause any problems and I suggest you opt for those. Download both to desktop then do a sortie of the norton removal tool (at best you can always leave it but disable it) and when you think its gone then simply install ZA and AVG. Most laptops for some reason have norton installed (mine did) the first thing I did was remove it.
Sorry, jezmatron, that wasn't meant to be a dig about posting a question that had already been answered. It was more a wistful "if only you'd known before you installed it..." type of remark!
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im sure there are no hard feelings rojash..

Where can I download the free version of Zonealarm? Any ideas?
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also.. I ran the virus scan, and it just seems to tell me what is wrong with my computer as opposed to fixing it.. is this normal?

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