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internet connection

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thiek | 18:57 Sat 14th Jan 2006 | Technology
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I have a wireless internet connection on a laptop which works fine, my problem is that internet explorer can not make a connection to it, the only way I can connect is to repair the connection from the icon in the system tray and them internet explorer works ok.

I have tryed all the setting in internet explorer to make a connection, but as soon as I shut down and restart it will not find the connection untill I repair as above,any help.

The DHCL is set and the MAC address is also set.

I am useing a D-Link 624 and card addapter, have reinstalled xp home and fully updated, have followed the book to install the wireless softwear on the laptop.



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Had a similar problem, but even though the network connection in system tray said the connection was not working it still did? IN the end I just grinned and borne it! (not with the kit you mention though)

never did figure it out, but moved to an XP laptop and it seemed to work fine (unless I then used a work VPN client, where it did the same -said it was broken but still worked!)


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internet connection

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