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No Internet Connection.

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wrayperson | 15:20 Mon 24th Jun 2024 | Technology
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Connected but no Internet..message says DNS address could not be found.



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I can get Internet on tablet.

Try turning it off and on again

I assume this is a Windows desktop or laptop 

Question Author

On & off no laptop

Have you tried a different browser?

Question Author

No I haven't, Barry

Have you tried looking at the internet icon on the bottom of your screen? If it looks like a terrestrial globe with lat and long lines, then it means that there is no internet reaching your laptop. If it looks like ripples cause by a thrown pebble, then it means you have internet. All this has nothing to do with your browser.

If there is no internet reaching your laptop, then it means your router is not connected to the laptop, perhaps no wifi connection, or perhaps no cable connection.

If you've already turned off your laptop and router, then turned them back on, and there still is no internet connected, then let us know and some expert might be able to advise you further.

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Icon is globe saying no Internet connection.

Right click on the globe and click 'troubleshoot connection'

right-click the globe, then select Open Network and Internet Settings.

See if your router is listed and if it is there might be a button to click which will connect manually rather than automatically.

If that doesn't work, come back with feedback.


Or do what Barry suggests.

I'll leave you in Barry's hands

Have you tried resetting your router?

Question Author

Thank you all for your help, I think I've sorted it now 🤭!!..I "jiggled" the connections in the back of the telephone cradle.

Those highly technical tricks usually do the job.  Glad you're sorted  😁

What's a telephone cradle?

30 Minutes ago I noticed my router flashing orange (which is bad news, as it should be a smooth continuous reassuring blue).

I left it alone to think things over, and when I returned it was blue again. These things happen.

Question Author

By telephone cradle I meant the thing that the Bt telephone sits in to recharge.

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No Internet Connection.

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