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A Bit Odd...

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10ClarionSt | 08:15 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Technology
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...on tinterweb. I search for AB but "Sorry, we are not able to find any results". I also get the same for email. However, typing in the full web address takes me to these sites. Is there something wrong with the search facility? Any help appreciated. TIA



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I just put "answerbank" into Google and it came up with a link.

Question Author

Thanks bhg. I just logged off, then typed Answerbank into the search bar. It said it could not find any results. Could there be a fault with the search function? 

I'm not sure which search bar you mean. I've typed it both into a Google search and in the address line on my browser and both come up with a link to

Clear your cache and cookies.

Try a different browser 

Question Author

Thanks bhg. I think I need to update my browser. You won't be surprised it's not working when I tell you I'm still using Windows 7, but only for non-important stuff. For other things I have a lap top. So, it is what it is. Thanks again. No problems.

I'm still on W7 with both my desktop and laptop but my wife is on W10 with her laptop. I have software which won't work if I update; an update is expensive and it has been changed to a format I don't like, so I'm sticking with W7.

you on the electric yet?

No, my gas-fired desktop is much cheaper to run than an electric one.

There's a duckduckgo problem at the moment.

That's odd. DDG is down for me on my Android phone, nowt to do with Microsoft or Bing, unless they have common factors that have been disrupted 

I typed in Answerbank from Google and it brought me back here.  ;o) 

"DuckDuckGo's results are a compilation of "over 400" sources according to itself, including Bing, Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wolfram Alpha, Yandex, and its own web crawler (the DuckDuckBot); but none from Google"


So if any of those sources 'throw a wobbly' (such as Bing, in this case), the problems can then get passed onto DuckDuckGo.

Question Author

Thanks for the replies folks. I am on DDG and that's where the problem was. Sorted now. 

Now, I just need to contact Eon to get connected! 😄

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A Bit Odd...

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