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Why Do They Do This ...

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bednobs | 18:26 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Technology
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having just got 4 new devices in this house (split between android and apple, i was jolly pleased to think at least now they'll ALL have the same charger.

go to plug in and 2 of them have USB C - USB C and the other 2  USB C - USB A charging cables




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Why should it matter though?  You don't have to use the cable which comes with a particular device.

If you've got a USB-A socket on any charger (which you almost certainly will have), you can use one of the USB-A to USB-C cables to charge any of your devices.

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it matter because there is always some level of contention over charger use here.  I am unable to put in and remove plugs, and therefore like yo keep my plug near my bedside.

there are only 3 of us, but seem to have a LOT more than 3 things to charge

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fo example, my old phone was android (old) end to usb a.

New phoen is usbc - usbc.  but even if it was usb c -usb a it couldnt get charged on the old plug.

but i still wantold android to chrge my kindle

Most new devices come with the cable but not a plug it seems


>>> "New phoen is usbc - usbc.  but even if it was usb c -usb a it couldnt get charged on the old plug".

Why not?  The whole point of the changes is that all devices will now have the same charging rate, and all have USB-C ports, meaning that you'll only need ONE charger to charge ALL of your devices:

Are you sure they all have the same charging rate?  I have USB C chargers, one is rated 240W, the other 60W.

Or do you mean something else Buen?  I often get the wrong end of the stick

^^^ From my link above, Barry:
"All devices that support fast charging will now have the same charging speed, allowing users to charge their devices at the same speed with any compatible charger."

the small ones seem to tbe coming thing - annoying for olds such as myself

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because i have a usb a plug

i dont hve any usb a to usb c leads

the lead that came with new device is usb c - usb c, meaning it wot fit in existing plug nor my laptop

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i know i either hve to buy a new plug, or new lead, but I DON'T want to :)

It's a pity they didn't standardise on those original small jack plug/sockets they originally used. Dislike using the data port for charging, too much use for charging slackens it and ruins the port quickly.

You can get USB converters between different versions, if that's any help.

Although the EU has adopted USB-C as the de-factor standard for many pieces of IT equipment, the problem is that a USB-type A connector (with only 4 pins) may not be compatible with the USB-C device having 24 pins.


People will be plugging a USB-A connector into the power source and the other end of the cable being a USB-C connector (to the device), which won’t work because the USB-A power source is not power delivery aware (capable of delivering higher power levels).


So if using a USB-A connection to provide power to equipment that requires more than 5V to operate, you need to ensure it is capable of supplying the required higher output voltage.

Even when using USB-C to USB-C connectors, users could encounter the same issue because the power source is not power delivery aware (as per the USB standard) and is limited to 5V.

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