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Iphone Cookies Maybe?

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Maydup | 20:10 Fri 15th Mar 2024 | Technology
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From time to time when accessing on my iPhone, my stats disappear on Wordle (not that it matters!) but also when I play on card I have to create a new name and new user.

i don't seem to have lost any logins for any other sites.

what's happening? 



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Question Author

It's just happened again. I load card and I have to create a new user name. 

Question Author

And I go into Wordle and I have no history so get todays puzzle in 1!

Question Author

Driving me mad now.

I know nothing about IPhone, but if your phone is set to delete cookies upon closing or not accept them it maybe part of your issue.

Just a stab in the dark.

Question Author

It's an odd one Ozzy, because it's only a couple of sites it happens on. 

Neither of them ask about cookies and none of my other cookies are deleted......


I didn't think my input would help, but, it kept your question visible😉

Question Author

Yes, thanks Ozzy!

Question Author

Still driving me mad. Just had to create a new name on card again!

Any suggestions please? 

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Iphone Cookies Maybe?

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