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Hp Printer

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lankeela | 18:06 Fri 15th Mar 2024 | Technology
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Have changed broadband provider and now my HP Printer won't print - is there anything I have to do to let the printer know I've changed suppliers?  Answers in words of one syllabubble please!



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The printer won't care who your broadband provider is. It connects directly to your computer either via a cable or wireless. It isn't interested in broadband.

I presume you have HP smart ink which you need to connect to the internet so that they can check your ink levels. If your printer has a touch screen go to 'setting'/wifi/ reset. It will prompt you to put in your modem code number which will be different now you have changed providers. If this is no help then download HP print and scan doctor which will take you through trouble shooting. I've used this multiple times and it's very good.

It connects to your computer via your router; if your change of broadband supplier resulted in a change of router you'll have to pair the printer with the new router. It's usually simple - a button on each that puts them into pairing mode and that's it.

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Following bookbinders link I have got to this bit but don't know where to find this:


Next open the HP Deskjet 2600 software, within the Tools / Utilities tab press Printer Setup & Software, then follow the steps on screen by selecting Connect a New Printer / Reconfigure wireless Connection..

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bhg I did have a new router - where do I find which button to press to pair them

You might have to put the new password into the printer, from your new router.

The button on the router will out-of-the-way, probably on the back, so that it doesn't get pressed accidentally - just an inconspicuous button somewhere.

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Thanks bhg - found the button and don't know what I did but it printed a page off - don't know if it is now working ok but got what I needed.  

Good result then - I'm pleased for you.


go to settings, Bluetooth and put in your router's password.

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Hp Printer

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