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Transferring Cine Films To Memory Stick

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megfitz | 19:51 Thu 14th Mar 2024 | Technology
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I have 14  8 mm. cine films circa 1980-90 some with sound track ( each about 5-10 minutes long) that like to transfer to a memory stick so that my family can share and load onto their I-Pads .

I have been quoted £116 per film and told the soundtracks will not survive , this seems rather

expensive given that I have 14 reels,  please  does anyone have an alternative suggestion/recommendation  Thanks.



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Have you tried recording the films with your phone, assuming you have a projector?  That can work quite well if the films are in good order.  

That's what I did Barry played my videos on tv then recorded with my phone. I then transferred to my laptop and and then to a stick.

I recorded all my videos to DVD years ago.

I hope phone recording works with cine film 🎥

Yes Barry I did too. My 8mm tapes of home recordings I showed on tv then transferred. Not sure tho if it's the older reels where you would need a projector. 

You can buy machines to do it yourself - check out Amazon. I'm not sure if the sound can be copied but the machines are at such a price that, with so many films you want to process, it's worth considering one. Bear in mind that it's a very time-consuming process.

MiddleSiggy on YouTube has researched this. He lists the options, stating that your trade offs are in time, energy, and money.


We had a number of stardard 8 films put onto a DVD for us by a local company a while back and it does cost a bit.  These obviously do not have sound.  Then we put on to PC then copied it to other media from there.  These were very old films from the 60s so picture quality isn't great but still good to see.  As barry1010 says a good way would be to do it with a mobile phone on a tripod so that it will be steady.  Cheap to do and if it works you will save a lot of money.

plenty of people on ebay doing it:;_nkw=cini+film+conversion&_sacat=0


kin links not working again!

try this;


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Transferring Cine Films To Memory Stick

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