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Would Anyone Know(Roughly) How Many 3 Minute Videos

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rebelboy | 19:19 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Technology
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you can store on a 2TB external hard drive?



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Standard video, high definition, 4K?

we'd need the resolution, bit rate and codec to answer that.

Two TB hard drive can store 1000 hours of HD video - 20,000 three minute videos

It depends upon the resolution of the video and the bit rate and codec that are used to record it.

A 3-minute HD (1080p) video might typically take up around 500MB = 0.5GB You can fit 2000 of those into 1TB, so that's 4,000 into 2TB of drive space.

However if the video was recorded at 720p, it would typically take up around 200MB, giving you space for about 10,000 videos on a 2TB drive.

Question Author

Sorry but I've only just seen your answers as I didn't receive the promised email to let me know.

As very much a technophobe I don't understand the lingo but it seems as if 1 TB would be more than sufficient for my needs.

Thank you all.

check your junk folder.

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Would Anyone Know(Roughly) How Many 3 Minute Videos

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