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Dash Cam Cycle Camera Problems.

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rebelboy | 12:18 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Technology
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This camera is new and has been used for one short bike ride of about 15 mins. It will not upload to the computer and now it switches itself off after 3 seconds and will not film. The camera is fully charged but the warning light comes on to indicate a flat battery. Initially it was set up by my son and he took a few short videos in the house which uploaded succesfully. I am a complete technophobe and am stumped. I have emailed the online company (Dash Vision) for advice 4 times without a response from them despite their website saying they will be in touch within 24 hours. This has dragged on for a week now.

Any advice is much appreciated.



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Yes I have,bookbinder. I've submitted the form 3 times in the past week and backed it up with three emails on alternate days. No replies despite their 24 hour promise. I continue to receive sales pitch emails from them everyday 

I have not yet tried writing to their business address.

Thank you for your response.

Is Dash Vision the maker of the camera? Could your son help out with the problem?

Question Author

He was on a flying visit when he set it up last week. He lives miles away. His phone advice was to send it back as he thinks the battery is faulty. I think Dash Vision have imported these cameras from China.

Send it back, as your son advises.  It should not be showing a flat battery when it has been charged.

I am assuming that you are positive you have used the proper cable and connected it properly.

If it uses a standard USB cable for charging, try another cable in case there is a break in cable, and if it uses 5V for charge, use a known good 5V USB source.

Question Author

To Hymie and barry1010

The instruction book said the initial charge would take 2 hours, and the red indicator light would go out when fully charged. All this was ok. They supplied the usb cable which worked fine.

The instruction book also stated that when switching on a blue light would come on, which it did initially. To activate the camera video a further button was pressed which provided a red light next to the blue light to show it was recording. All good so far.

When I tried to upload the 15 minute bike ride video it would not upload, although my son had previously took a couple of very short videos in the house to make sure it worked. These uploaded successfully.

I initially thought that my 15 minute video would need longer to upload but after 10 minutes, nothing. I then tried to do what my son had done and take a short video in the house but it was then I had the problem of turning it on and finding the blue and red light flashing which according to the instruction book indicates a low battery. 

I then put it on charge again but withing 5 minutes the red charging light went out indicating it was fully charged.

The instruction book also says that if the camera malfunctions to press the restart button(very, very tiny) which I did but it didn't resolve the issue.

Thanks for your response.

It is now clear that it needs to be returned 

Question Author

Yes I will when they have the courtesy to reply. According to their website it needs to be sent to a different address to their business address and you need to get authorisation before they will tell you it.

Thanks barry.

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Dash Cam Cycle Camera Problems.

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