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Can Wireless Have Batteries??

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gordiescotland1 | 10:07 Mon 09th Oct 2023 | Technology
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Hi I stayed at a hotel the other night and I could not get the heating increased in my room. The directions said it was wireless and to increase the temperature by pressing the + button which I did. Then a battery fell on the floor. And I thought wireless mmm ?



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It still needs power to make it work.

I'm no technical genius but I assume 'wireless' means without wires - not without a power source.

Sounds like you had a wireless remote similar to a TV. It needs power to operate. You lost it when the battery fell out.

Wireless isn't powerless.

You think all wireless electronics work by magic?

And even if you did - Where are the wires on batteries?

you undoubtedly have remote controls in your house, right?

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Can Wireless Have Batteries??

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