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I Hate Computers They Make My Life So Much Harder

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bluefortress | 15:29 Sun 02nd Jul 2023 | Technology
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I hate this modern world, I wish for a world with no computers as they don’t help me one bit. If anything they made my job a lot harder a work with me not being able to log on most of the time, not knowing all the shortcuts that others know and I don’t even want to learn.

It seems that everytime I use a computor there is something that I can’t do and it takes me like an hour to solve. For example I couldn’t open and edit a document last time so had to purchase word

I am now trying to apply for a new job and I clicked to upload my CV and it is too big. I now have to figure out how to reduce the file but I didn’t want all this. So I’ve not bothered applying for the job as I don’t know what to do.

I find all this stuff hard to tolerate. Take me back to a world of pen and paper, I’m not even that old I’m still in my 30’s and hate computors


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Save the file as a PDF.

Then if its still to large try
"I wish for a world with no computers as they don’t help me one bit." - they help you every day in a thousand ways.
If you'd asked here first, you wouldn't have had to purchase Word.

Your computer is what gets you here so you can moan about computers. Weird old world.
It's your attitude and unwillingness to learn that is the real problem.
People much older than you have had to learn and adapt, there is a lot of help on and offline if you look for it
Funny that you are using the most sophisticated computer system in history to moan about computers!
open office
Question Author
Thanks, I’ve converted to PDF and it has uploaded. However when I click on the site to send the whole application it keeps saying there is an error, but it doesn’t say what the error is.

Go back through it and check everything

It may be something as simple as a space in or missing from the postcode
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Yea but if it wasn’t for computers I wouldn’t have to come on here and moan in the first place and you wouldn’t know I existed (a win for all of you)

I tried word online but had trouble editing it was so long winded I found it easier to just buy the thing

I have now learned one new thing - to convert to pdf to reduce a file size - thanks

I’m still sick of computers though. The amount of time they have used up trying to do what should be simple tasks
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I checked Tuvok, it was still saying error when I clicked send. However after a few mins I received an email so it has been sent after all

Without a computer you would have to scour the newspapers for job vacancies, or visit the jobcentre and agencies. Apply for the job in writing, wait for the application form to come through the post, fill it in with a pen, no room for error, stick a stamp on the envelope and go to the nearest post box. I know which I prefer.
Question Author
I used to do this Barry I was a lot less stressed

I am having a technical de-clutter. Maybe part of the issue is that I have too much stuff on the computer and too many apps on my phone etc. So I am deleting as much as I can and might give myself a phone curfew - no screen time past 6pm or something.

I have thought for a while that we are exposed to too much information all day and it’s not great for mental well-being. Just my opinion.
You're right - we don't need to be bombarded with news (from any source) 24/7, nor be exposed to strangers rants and obsessions on the likes of Twitter.
Balance is the key, as with everything. I really believe that Anwerbank is a 'safe place' not just to get help and information but for friendship and idle chit chat when that is just what we need.

I would not want to be without the internet, computers and devices - it is a great source of information and entertainment. It can literally save lives. Can ruin lives, too, if abused

Just like learning anything new... hard to start with but once you get used to it...

Welcome to the modern world.

Problem is, in life, there's always something to stress you out. If it wasn't computers you'd find it was something else.
When we were in our mid 60s my wife and i enrolled in a Scola course at our local civic centre. Basic computer useage and was about 3 hours every Saturday morning for a couple of monthsWe learnt a lot and my wife always jokingly reminds me that I swore I would never use a computer in my lifetime. Once you pick it up the worlds your lobster as Mrs Ogden said. :-). We are North of 70 now.
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Retro I said the same at 14 when the internet was just comming out. I said ‘I don’t like the internet’ my friend said ‘how can you not like the internet’ lol

I think it’s important to have discipline not to be on it all the time and searching for information 24/7, it is dangerous and can alter your perception of the world if you have obsessive tendencies such as health anxiety

Do most of you use windows or Apple? I have only used apple for over a decade now I wonder how much I am deskilling in my ability to use windows ie at work etc
I use Windows and Apple regularly, also Android on phone and tablet.
I've been playing around with various Linux versions for years on an old pc.
I feel your pain! Nothing worse than something going wrong and everyone on here says 'you just press xxxx' - how on earth do you know what to press without learning what every single button does? Makes me feel such an idiot - yet I rely on mine for my hobby and couldn't do it without one now.
I still don't understand Apps!

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I Hate Computers They Make My Life So Much Harder

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