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Missing Power Cable Help

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Maydup | 00:49 Fri 17th Feb 2023 | Technology
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Just home from a meeting and I’ve left my laptop cable plugged into their wall socket. Grrrr

I can’t get back to collect it until Monday so I need suggestions for all available options!

My laptop is aDell Inspiron.

I have an iPhone if that’s any help. Can I charge laptop via its battery?

I can get to an Argos in the morning - do they sell a power pack that’s compatible ?

I could order a new power lead but I really need it Friday/Sat at latest. Would prefer not to have to spend too much.

Any other solutions please?



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>>> "I have an iPhone if that’s any help. Can I charge laptop via its battery?"

Nope, sorry! A laptop requires a LOT more power than a mobile phone does!

'Universal' laptop chargers are sold but, alas, not by Argos. (If you can find one, you need to ensure that it's power rating is up to wat's needed by your laptop. Some others might not be up to the job). Your best chance of finding something suitable for your needs on the High Street is probably in Currys:
(NB: Not everything on the Currys website is available in their stores. Enter your postcode on that page, and then change 'Delivery' to 'Collection', to check availability near to you).

Otherwise you'll probably need to look for something with rapid delivery on Amazon. If you do so though, you'll need to take great care to ensure complete compatibility with your laptop. (There are a LOT of different plug types and, as I've already mentioned, not every charger will necessarily be powerful enough for the job. If you buy one with too low a power rating, it could overheat and possibly catch fire).
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Thanks Chris. Not great news for me!

Can you comment on a power pack? Do they have enough juice?

I thought it might be something I could get good use out of in the future- more use in fact than a spare cable.
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The type of power banks that you use with mobile phones provide 5 volts at (typically) around 15 watts maximum power. A laptop usually require around 18 volts at, perhaps, 90 watts. So you definitely can't use a mobile phone power bank with a laptop.

What's the model number of your Dell Inspiron? (It's almost certainly underneath it).

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It’s a 7391 2in1
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This one claims to be OK for a laptop…..?

Obviously only as a top up or emergency use once I have the cable back, and handy for using with my phone.
I've found the official power adapter on the Dell website. That won't help us directly, as it costs about £54 and can't be delivered until towards the end of next week:

However, clicking the 'Compatibility' tab there has enabled me to view all of the other Dell laptops that it can be paired with. Then, armed with that information, I've been able to search for a third-party charger that can be used with that group of laptops.

If you order this now, and opt for 'Fastest delivery', it should be with you on Saturday: User Recommendation
The power pack in your link can charge a MacBook because, just like mobile phones, they can be charged through a USB-C port with 5 volts.

Your laptop needs to be charged via the correct-sized plug, at 19.5 volts, so there no way that the product shown in your link would be up to the task.
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OK thank you Chris for all your help.
Question Author
Earliest delivery on that one was a Monday 20th even with Premium option by which time I can collect my cable. But I’ll keep searching.
Is turning off the laptop and not using it an option?
Where do you live, Maydup? The one Buenchico links to can be delivered to me tomorrow.

PC World/Currys sells Dell products - is there one near you?
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I have the minutes to write and a couple of other things I offered to follow up Hopkirk.

It was convenient for me to do those things today and tomorrow, less spare time next week, but obviously they will have to wait if I have no laptop.
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Barry - I’m only in Norfolk but it’s offering Monday as earliest available delivery even on Prime or on guaranteed option.

Back of beyond over here in the far east!
Ask your neighbours and friends if they have a compatible charger.
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I did check Curry’s and the nearest stock is an hour away. I’m off to the local town today no stock there.

Never mind thanks all.
I tried a universal
really crap - they say it will charge when it doesnt

so..... ring around

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