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barry1010 | 13:14 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Technology
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I need to connect two devices to my PC by ethernet - the router and an external hard drive.

The router is next to the external hard drive and both are a distance from the PC. I have one ethernet cable that connects the PC to the router.

Could I use a splitter at the router end and use it to connect the PC and external hard drive to the router?

If so, a link to a suitable ethernet splitter or switch would be helpful.
Additionally, would this affect the broadband speed I get on my PC?


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Thanks all, lots to think about
Good suggestion from etch; a lot cheaper than mine.
Question Author
Would this cable do the job? Remove the current ethernet cable and replace with this User Recommendation
I would have tried it if it were me Bhg, the splitter/combiners are not expensive after all, but I wouldn't like to send Barry up a cul de sac with a "should work" solution. Barry himself is pretty clued up anyway, going by past conversations, and will likely make a choice based on what suits him.
That is just an inline cable Barry one in, one out. They are just showing you both ends.
Togo - good thinking.

barry - that is a perfectly good cable but I'm surprised you don't have one knocking about as you seem to get one included with new routers etc. I have loads of them.
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Doh - silly me
Question Author
Etch, my PC has a network card and is currently used to connect the PC to the WiFi, albeit slowly.
Did you mean replace the card I have?
barry1010 - an ethernet card could be added, using a spare backplane slot, and the WiFi card left in place (and perhaps disabled). But if the latter will be redundant then I would use its slot.

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Ethernet Splitter / Switch

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