Why Has My Phone Battery Started Draining So Quickly?

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Dantheman98 | 10:39 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Technology
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This week my phone (iPhone 7) has started draining battery rapidly. Normally when I wake up in the morning it is on 100% and on about 80% by about 3pm. This week for some reason it is on 100% when I go to bed, 96% when I wake up and 50% by dinner time. It’s really frustrating and can’t figure out what’s causing it. Any ideas as to why and how I can stop this? Thanks


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Thanks Barry
Is your Bluetooth accidentally/needlessly turned on?
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Donkey- no, turned off
Is your phone contract nearly up? For some reason Apple have a knack of knowing when a battery will start to rapidly degrade and it’s generally around about the time a contract would expire, certainly has been in my experience.
Maybe time to consider getting the battery replaced?
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Donkey- yeah that may be the case! How much are new batteries do you know?
Sorry Dantheman98 but I have no idea how much they are. I have heard that official Apple shops can be very expensive but I would guess that a local independent phone repair shop would be dramatically cheaper?
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Donkey- hopefully! Thanks for your help
Check out this, maybe this can be some sort of help to you -
there is an app called accubattery that measures & monitors battery health

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Why Has My Phone Battery Started Draining So Quickly?

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