Unable To Send Emails Away From Home

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tollview | 10:09 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Technology
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I have an IPhone version 6 and use Tesco Mobile same email address on P.C./IPhone and IPad. Plusnet is Internet Provider
Since New Year break away in UK when I was unable to reply or send new emails and on another 2 UK breaks later - at first I thought it was a poor connection but it was not effecting anyone else. Everything works in my own home. Does anyone have any ideas in layman terms that I could try? I have checked with Apple, also Plusnet and Tesco Mobile - Plusnet were the least helpful (it all depends on how knowledgeable the technician you get is) so if anyone can guide me as to where the problem lies I would be so grateful Many thanks


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Which provider are you having the problem with - Tesco Mobile or Plusnet?
Also, what happens when you try to send an email? Do you get a message?
It sounds like it works on WiFi at home, but not on mobile data away from home.

If so, did you try using the phone for the internet apart from email when on your trips away?
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Message - Cannot Send Mail. - the server rejected one of the recipient’s addresses. The message has been placed in your Outbox

In answer to your other question I don’t know which provider that the problem lies with - I’m looking for advice on who I should get back to unless someone can assist to fix the problem
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Hopkirk - yes the phone works on internet away from the home It’s sending new emails or replying to someone’s emails that it doesn’t work. This happens using my own data or using cafe/hotel free wifi too
Sorry, it's above my level of knowledge.

The only thing I can suggest is to download a different email app. Alternatively uninstall and reinstall the email app you are using, making sure you know the password to get it going again.
Looks like uyou need to re enter your password in the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) setting on you phone. Probably got scrambled when you were in the US. Settings. > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. >Select the email that you want to send from.(or add one) >Select SMTP under "Outgoing Mail Server". Then "Add Server". Fill in the boxes and password and I think the recommended server port number is 587.
Just found this Tollview. Slightly different solution but may be worth you reading it. I would bring this link up on a different device to the iphone so that you have the instructions and visuals in front of you as you try to sort it.,
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Many thanks to you all - I will come back to you once I have fully digested your various thoughts

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Unable To Send Emails Away From Home

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