Vodafone Broadband ?

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fender62 | 18:00 Sun 27th Feb 2022 | Technology
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my broadband contract expires soon, im thinking of moving to vodafone as they seem to be cheaper then others iv read about, your views on vodafone broadband would be helpful.


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I’ve had no problems with Vodafone - my 2 years with them is up in June, decision to stay or go will be based on cost.

Whomever you go with, take a look at Quidco etc. as you might find a good cashback deal.
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thanks, mmm yea a lot of bad reviews, perhaps haggling with my provider saying im leaving unless ect, don't ask..dont get.
I'm a happy haggle, always get a good result with Virgin. Make sure you have the facts at hand so you can tell your supplier that x is offering y for £z.
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iv noticed my provider does deals for new customers, and the deal is good, i wonder if thye would give me the same deal, although im an existing customer.
You could try telling them that as you need a new contract you should be treated as a new customer!!
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just speaking to my provider, thye said thye would give a deal but prices would still go up in april anyway. coorrect me if im wrong but, if you took a new deal, does that mean the price is going to rise in april anyway erm im confused.
Yes, the annual inflation increase. All broadband and phone providers have an annual increase in the contract.
Been with Vodafone for some time, now, and never had any problems. I will most likely renew my contract with them when the time comes.
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seems im not getting much of a deal then, vodafone have a £19.00 deal for new customers, but that price will rise in april ? am i correct, what would it be then.
Probably a 3% rise, so £19.57. Phone and ask them
I've just checked the Vodafone site and it says, under the current offers "Each April, your monthly plan charge will increase by an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index rate published by the Office for National Statistics in January (CPI rate) plus an additional 3.9% on top of the CPI rate. We will apply that CPI rate plus 3.9% adjustment from your April bill. In the event that the CPI rate is negative, this will be ignored but the additional 3.9% will still apply."

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iv switched to shell energy broadband good deal and no price this april.
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anybody have sheel energy broadband, read some bad reviews of there customer services, pedning what site you read, plus on one site 0 on another ermm, bad think is ill lose my email address after two yrs with my old provider once iv swtiched over, less i give them a five a month.
If you're bothered about your email problems, DON'T get a new email address with Shell (if they actually offer them). Instead, get a new email account NOW (and NOT in two year's time) with a third-party provider that offers a 'mail collector' facility. (I use GMX, as do many other AB members: ).

Then set up the 'mail collector', in your GMX account (or wherever), to automatically get any emails sent to your old account forwarded to your new one. That will give you two full years to ensure that everyone who might want to contact you is aware of your new email address, with
(a) no risk of you not seeing any mail sent to your old address throughout that period ; and
(b) no need to change your email address if you switch to another broadband provider at a later date.
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Buenchico, thanks for tip.. i have a gmail account i could use instead of gmx ?
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update: retentions dept phoned me, they beat shell energies price +
plus free calls to landline and mobile + £100 spend card, doubled speed, and no price rise for 24months regardless of the april price hike, so i cancelled with shell.. ahh the joys of haggling and holding out.
Well done

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