Audible Is Driving Me Nuts

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wolf63 | 17:26 Sun 27th Feb 2022 | Technology
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I initially tried putting youtube podcasts on my old iPod Classic but gave up and bought a MP3 player.
I have signed up to Audible and put lots of books in my Library and tried to download them, but there was no download button where they said that it would be.
I purchased a book and managed to download that onto my SanDisk sport with no problems.

This is a screenshot of the Audible website showing the bar thingy about six hours apart.

What have I done wrong?
If it is downloading my books will it still download if I put my laptop to sleep?
I have checked all the help topics on Audible and they all refer to a download button that does not appear next to the books.



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You can download audible books to Apple and Android devices, after you've installed the Audible app, and registered the device to your Audible account. I'm pretty sure that you can't put them on most MP3 player due to the DRM requirements. If you have a supported MP3 player, you can download them to your PC, and transfer them using the AudibleSunc app.
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I actually bought an MP3 player after I read all about the model. It accepts Audible downloads and is also Bluetooth.

I've left it running on my new laptop to see if the download bar moves.
It is a nice little machine.

Thanks for your help.
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Can anyone else help me download books to MP3 player?

I am going to have another attempt after 'work' tomorrow.

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Audible Is Driving Me Nuts

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