How To Mark Messages As Important

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emily1890 | 14:16 Thu 14th Oct 2021 | Technology
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is their a way that I can, in gmail, mark a message of a sender important?

let's say: when an email arives from.. I don't know, BBC news, say, can I set it so it has an important flag so I know that it needs attention?

(obviously BBC news is an example, I wouldn't put that in important. lol)
their are emails from people though I'm missing because they are not marked, and I get a lot of daily emails so sometimes it's easy to miss



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Click on the star to the left of the sender
I have gmail and can mark a message as important by going to "move to"
I have set up Files to keep stuff I need. One of those Files is called Pending and I check it every morning to see if there is anything that needs to be taken care of that day.

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How To Mark Messages As Important

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