Replying To A Forwarded E-Mail

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iloveglee | 13:24 Tue 28th Sep 2021 | Technology
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I wonder if any of you internet savvy tecchies can help me. I am usually pretty internet savvy myself but this has me stumped.

I recently received an e-mail, and as the subject matter was related to holidays, I forwarded it onto another e-mail address I have, which has files specifically related to holidays. I have both the forwarded e-mail, and the original one.

I now have to reply to this e-mail, but I find that when I do, the reply goes to the address I forwarded it to, rather to the original sender. If I try to reply from the address I forwarded it to, it goes to the original address it was received. In neither case does the reply go to the original sender.

There has to be a way to do this, but for the life of me can't work out how. Both of the e-mail addressed are gmail accounts.

Thanks in advance because I know somebody will know how to do this.


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Why send a messgae to the original sender's e-mail address.
^why not^
or on the original email press reply all, then remove your pther address
Or copy and paste the original address into the TO box
I suspect you have your email conversations in Gmail nested, in that all of them appear in the same string of messages, you need to select only the top 'initial' message to reply to, then use the three dots top right to select reply and that should do the trick
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This is a future travel voucher from BA. The instructions are to make your booking, and reply to the e-mail they sent to tell you it's your future travel voucher. There are no code numbers on it to enter to the website when making the booking. You just have to reply to the e-mail they sent, and tell them your new booking number and they will refund it to the value of the voucher.

These e-mails are nested, but when selecting the original one, the only option of people to reply to is the e-mail address I had forwarded it to. Selecting reply all only brings up my e-mail address as well. There are no little dots on the top right. So I have tried deleting my e-mail address, and have tried manually entering the e-mail address that's shown on the original message. It looks as though it's sent, but have no idea how long they'll take to respond. Time will tell. It's very bizarre.
Check your sent box and see if its there - then you will know for sure its gone.
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It's showing in the sent box. It's looking like all that's gone is the original e-mail and my response to it. The rest of the string showing the forwarding etc is not there. Which is good. I don't imagine the response will be that quick, no doubt they're inundated with these now.

My other option was to call them and do it. Which was even more challenging that trying to respond to the e-mail!! I feel kind of sorry for the staff at airlines having to deal with all this aggravation, but it's very frustrating for the customers as well.

I just hope that by next september, we won't have to go through all this again!!
Are you doing this on the Gmail website or on a mail app? Once you select the message does it open up, that's when the three dots appear next to the reply arrow. I'm intrigued by the only option of people to reply to bit as that suggests that you aren't in the original mail but in the version you forwarded. Easiest thing may be to temporarily switch off nesting, select the original email and reply to that then switch nesting back on
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I'm using a laptop to do this, so presumably not a mail app? But, having looked in the sent box, it seems that this has gone, and it now only shows the original sender, i.e. ba, after I manually typed in the e-mail address. All of the forwarding string has disappeared.

It seems to be un-necessarily complicated, but fingers crossed it's gone and they'll deal with it eventually.
just cut the content and start a new email.
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Update to this - it would appear that BA have received my response to their original e-mail. I have had an auto reply, basically saying it may take up to 14 days to reply - busy, lack of staff yada yada, but at least they have it, so I shall get my refund in the fulness of time.

If I don't get it, well I'll do my usual - take to twitter, they're pretty quick to respond to complaints on there. To be very fair to them, all of my cancelled flights/holidays have been dealt with very fairly, and without having to wait for months as some people have had to.

I shall now wait events, but thanks for all the suggestions, I knew that at least one of them would work.

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Replying To A Forwarded E-Mail

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