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Togo | 17:58 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | Technology
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Just a heads up after your original thread about W11. I have allowed it to load on my Surface pro this evening. I waited for a while after the first release so that any teething problems were sorted. I also have, ready to install, an encryption module for my desktop that is going in when the weather means I stay in. It is a big update and I would not recommend it for anything less than fast reliable internet and a god machine. W11 is looking lovely and is going to fly. This is my first post to any site on it. For anyone looking in I am, as is Barry, taking part in the Microsoft insider programme.


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"reliable internet and a god machine. ". Is there a letter missing in there?

Is WII different or just faster?
W11 is different, wolfie, God runs it. Wait for the R&S mob to flood the airways.
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Haha Wolf ... Freudian perhaps, "good machine". The layout in settings and the like is super and the widget app looks interesting as does the multi display facility. I will have to wait until I have used it for a while before knowing if the interphase searches within sites is better ... but I suspect it will be.
Thanks for the feedback, Togo - glad you had no hiccups with it. I have two machines ready to update but am still hesitant.
From what I've heard W11 is well worth the upgrade. Keep us posted re any problems, likes, hates etc.
By the way, how long did it take from start to finish? I have 200Mbps tintynetty so plenty fast enough
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Took about an hour Barry. Good speeds here too. The only thing I lost was my "background block colour". Soon restored in settings. When it first offers the task bar icons to launch a browser it looks a bit different. There are two extra that are apps called widget and desktop. You can slide these along to your chosen position(next to file explorer or microsoft store for instance) and the windows pane icon is gone from the bottom left corner. It is now a fetching shade of blue and has been moved to centre stage. When you access that feature the layout is altered but very well set up. All headings now have an icon too. Like it very much. Bear in mind that different systems are going to have different layouts. Tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops will all have differences obvs.
An hour is very speedy, really. I have heard lots of positives about W11 with very few negatives. I'm sure that those that aren't keen feel like that simply because it is different to W10 or whatever they are used to.
I liked W7.
So did I, Wolf but I really do think that Windows improves with every release although I never used Vista. I started with W3 which was a huge improvement on whatever it was I had been using back in the day when we had to format floppies and park hard drives and used system command far more than we do now.
is it a free download
It will be a free update to Windows 10 on most devices. It's not available to the general public just yet.

Interesting feedback, thanks for posting :)

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