Google Maps Not Working On My Phone.

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ferlew | 14:56 Wed 28th Jul 2021 | Technology
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Today I got quite lost. (I have no sense of direction) So thinking I could use google maps as a sat nav to get me home, I pulled over and tried it. Every time I press the 'start' button to get going, it reverted to my home screen on my Huawei P smart 2020 phone.
I have deleted the map app, and re installed it with the same thing happening.
If anyone has any ideas how to put it right I would be grateful.
Yes, I did find my way home, eventually.


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Sorry, can't help...I tend not to rely on modern technology without some sort of back-up. (For example, there's always a large scale road atlas on the back seat of the car!...of course, you need to be able to map-read!).
When I put an address in I then get a 'drive' option rather than a start option. Do you get Drive?
Do you have mobile data?
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I have plenty of data, yes.
The options I get are....Start - steps or pin.
You should have a car icon at the bottom of the screen with 'go'. If you had tapped on that when you were lost you should have seen 'home' at the top of the list. Tap on that and it will navigate you
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Thank you, I'll look again.
When google map not working on your phone. In that case, you need to restart the phone and check location settings. After that reinstall google maps.
or use an app called WAZE better than google maps
Didn't Google stop dong business with Huawei, so the apps are unsupported?
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Thanks all, I'll try each of those.
I think you may have hit the nail on the head, chelle.

Do other Google apps work as they should on your phone, ferlew?
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I'm not sure Barry1010, I literally use it only to make and get calls. Oh, and for the odd photo. Having said that, the photo app works just fine.

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Google Maps Not Working On My Phone.

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