New Firestick Problem

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Khandro | 18:21 Wed 28th Jul 2021 | Technology
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So, I bought the Amazon Firestick connected it up to the router via the TV & it fails to acknowledge my Netflix & YouTube accounts. So it's installed on the TV, but asks me to subscribe to them. I had hoped it would be able to do this itself, I can't find any way to accomplish this.

The publicity says how simple it is to connect it to the TV & mains & sit back & enjoy !!

They are installed on three devices, TV itself plus a second bedroom one & on my PC. Any thoughts please?


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Can't you see the option to sign in to Netflix?
Do these instructions for Netflix help?
(I'm assuming that you've already got an account. If not, sign up via your PC or laptop first).
I've not got a Firestick but I've just checked out the Netflix app on my Now TV stick. When I open it, I can use the left and right arrows to select between 'Sign in' and Join', followed by pressing 'OK' to proceed from there.

With the YouTube app (on my Now TV stick), I need to use the left arrow to get to the panel with 'Sign in' shown, then the up/down arrows to get to it (followed by 'OK').

Are you actually seeing the relevant apps on your Firestick and, if so, can you see the 'Sign in' options?
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Thanks Chris & barry, I'll try again tomorrow
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With help we got Netflix to work on the Firestick OK but can't get YouTube to work on there despite the fact that it works on the TV itself and on my PC. The App symbol is there, instructions say click on "Get" but it don't get.
Any thoughts please?

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New Firestick Problem

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