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Scarlett | 23:40 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Technology
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I need an anti virus program for my Windows 10 laptop. In your opinion which is the best all-rounder? I've previously had Bullguard (expensive), AVG, Crap Cleaner, Malwarebytes, and a free Windows one that never seemed to do anything. Is there one that will search for, and cover all viruses/malware etc?


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CCleaner and Malwarebytes are not anti virus programmes because they don't work in real time. They do have their uses though. I use Windows Security which came with my Windows 10 laptop.
I bank with RBS and they include a free virus prog
malware whcih workls OK

for reasons I wont go into on my laptop
I use ESET which is also very good

take your pick ESET is about £20 I think
Chris, our resident computer expert always recommends Avast.
I have Avast installed on my phone and tablet but I`ve never been sure if it is necessary being that the phone/tablet is app based.
Windows Defender, which is built into Windows 10, is good enough for millions of people worldwide, including many members of AB. If you want to go for a third-party program, the most popular one among ABers these days seems to be Avast:
(I used Avast for many years and still rate it highly. However, since getting the laptop I'm using to type this, I've never bothered installing it, as Windows Security seems to be doing the job well enough for me).

I can never see any reason to pay for anti-virus software, as the free stuff is just as good. However you need to top it up with an anti-malware program. The free version of Malwarebytes, or AdwCleaner (which is from the same company) is all you need if you're prepared to remember to run it occasionally, as it's 'run on demand only', rather than 'run in the background'. If you want an anti-malware program that's constantly running, then you need the commercial version of Malwarebytes. (I just us AdwCleaner though, which is free).

If you want to pay for a full security suite (although I think it's totally unnecessary to do so), these review sites are all trustworthy:,review-2588.html

Computer Active magazine (which I regard as an excellent source of information) currently ranks Kaspersky as their top-rated security suite. It's available at a discount through their website:
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Thanks all- that’s very helpful. I did try the free version of Avast but it keeps sending me pop-ups warning me that everybody knows where I am and my password is, and general scaremongering which has put me off!
Sorry to piggy back on this question. What about a Firewall? Can you recommend a good Firewall too?
I use AdvancedSystemCare & Zone Alarm.
Many of those you mention aren't anti-virus,

Just pick one actual anti-virus you like. I've recently changed to the free version of Kaspersky.
Scarlett, I'm sure you could instal a free Ad Blocker to stop the pop ups. Depending on the OS you have, of course.

Chris (Buenchico) is excellent with his techy knowledge. You could do worse than take his advice.

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