I Have Had An Email From Someone I Know On Answerbank Via Answerbank. How Do I Answer It Please?

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Suetheramble | 11:03 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I have had an email from someone I know on AnswerBank via AnswerBank. How do I answer it please?


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I didn't think that was possible.
Press 'Reply' ?
e mail the editor and see. - i too didn't think you can answer on ab.
Do you mean you know them via AnswerBank of have had an e-mail via AnswerBank?

Without giving the person's name, what is the e-mail address?
Your sure you dont mean a questions been answered
Right.......let us know what section it was under and what heading andthe we can all read it lol.
Unless it was unacceptable for human viewing and it was removed.
Is it a "you have an answer" email? Because I've never heard of private AB emails...except from the Ed.
I thought it might have been a subscribed question e-mail but they just say there's been an answer, it doesn't show the name of the poster.
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
I didn't know that either...
Nor me :0/
Oops, has someone said too much?

Clearly a network of ABers has been set up...for what reason though?

A secret network or a mis-undertanding, I wonder which is more likely...
Can I suggest that you go to the Answerbank Home Page and click on "Contact Us" in the "Need Help?" box situated below Latest Posts.
Can someone quickly explain - before teacher comes back....

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