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HFJL2020 | 23:05 Fri 25th Dec 2020 | Technology
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i got anokia 6500slide lost sim anyone know where i can get one ta


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If it was a 'locked' phone, i.e. one tied to a particular service provider (e.g. EE, Vodafone, etc), it will only work with a SIM from that provider unless you pay to get it unlocked. Tell us which provider it was and we'll find you a link to tell you how to get a new SIM.

If it was purchased as a 'SIM-free' phone, you can use any SIM in it; you just need to choose which service provider you'd like to use. e.g. if you decide to use Asda Mobile, you can normally buy a SIM in an Asda store for (I think) £1 or order one online totally free. However Asda Mobile is currently changing networks, so you can't get hold of a SIM from them right now. GiffGaff though, which is also very popular among ABers, will let you order one for free right now:
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mr b ta for all that info
As per usual, very good advice from Chris :

Just so you're aware, SIM cards come in different sizes and according to the following website, you'll need a mini SIM card:
If you just lost the SIM, ask the company who issued it to send you a replacement.

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