Remote Android Tablet Access - Is This Possible?

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joko | 12:12 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Technology
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my mum has an android tablet which she mainly uses for reading books on (pixi 7)

but shes stopped because she said its annoying when she opens it, the book is not there and she has to find it, and find her page again etc

im assuming this is because it has a crap app installed - or shes opening the book files directily or something - anyway - id like to install some new ereader apps for her to try.
shes 83 so she'd struggle to do it herself i think

can i do this remotely? i have the email she uses for the google stuff etc - can i do it through that?

or is there an app i can try to get her to install or something?



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If she has a Google account you could use her details and log in to Google on your pc. To make it easier for you use a different browser to the one you usually use.
Open Google Play store and you should be able to download any app to her device.

Then you have the problem of helping her to use the app. If you have an Android device you could also install the app on your own device so you can her over the phone.

Where does she get her books from? What app are you thinking of using?
I use Google Play Books which should already be installed on her tablet. It is well laid out, easy to use and keeps my place in the book when I log out.
Why not remove all the chances of getting things wrong with apps and buy her a dedicated e-reader. At the moment you can get a Kindle for £49 .. then set her up on Kindle Unlimited for £7.99 a month. This will give her access to all the books she could ever read and more.
Anything for an easy life!
A lot of publishers won't use Kindle, alvahalf. You can get books from other sources on to a Kindle but you have to jump through hoops to do it.
If you go down the remote access route.. just Google 'Team Viewer'.. with this installed you can access a remote Android device and make what changes you need. Each time you use it is known as a session. Once your mother has it installed she can generate a code which she gives to you. You can then put this code into your system and make the necessary changes on her device.
Every time you need to do anything, she will need her to give you a new code for the new session. Have used it many times to help relatives out with PC issues.
Yep, Team Viewer is an excellent tool, and free for personal use.

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Remote Android Tablet Access - Is This Possible?

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