"Microsoft Recommends Switching To The New Microsoft Edge."

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sandyRoe | 09:59 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Technology
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I see this message when I open Outlook. Is it worth changing?


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Been some complaints about Edge on here.
I like it
Not particularly. Edge is just the successor to Internet Explorer, which was incompatible with AB.
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I'll leave it as it is, then. As they say, 'If it's not broke, don't fix it.'
I have many different browsers on my devices - and why not? Give it a go, it isn't a lifetime commitment or even any hassle.
Edge IS compatible with AB. I've been using it here for ages. The latest Edge is Chrome based.
I use Edge and am happy with it
Sorry Jackdaw that statement is total nonsense. It is not a successor but a timely replacement for IE. The new Edge browser is based on an open source code that is utilised by chrome but is in no way associated with chrome. Edge is a browser that has been developed to make full use of all the new on line developments and new processes that are being introduced by web designers constantly and to facilitate better presentation of the latest graphic developments. I believe that there is even a bit of Java script written up in the system to help with this. It helps pages with large graphic content to load quicker. I have been using Edge from day 1 when it was a beta programme and not on general release. I was even using it when this site was developing the beta programme that became what we have now. I have watched, with some pleasure I must say, as the Edge os has got better and better with every upgrade and would say that it is the best browser for general use out there. Try it Sandy. You can keep all your settings and bookmarks/favourites etc. and if you do not like it well you still have whatever you are using.
I installed Edge a while back and have had no problems with it whatsoever. As has already been said, Sandy, give it a whirl. You can always give it the flip if you don't like it.
I have Edge as well as Internet Explorer. Edge is useful for viewing BBC iPlayer and some news sites that have videos on them. I find IE easier to use, i.e. less complicated or fiddly.
If you're going to try a Chromium-based browser (which is what both Chrome and the latest version of Edge are), I suggest giving Slimjet a go:
That seems interesting, Chico. I shall delve into it further when I am sober, although by then it will probably be obsolete.
If you can sober up enough to give it a go, JD33, Slimjet has all of the advantages of Chrome but none of its minus points (i.e. it doesn't try to link everything to Google's services). It can still make use of Chrome's extensions though. It comes with a built-in ad blocker enabled by default and with the facility to download and save YouTube videos too.
I dunno, jd, I fear I'll be obsolete long before some of these browsers
Thank you, Chico. Will definitely investigate further. Chrome is becoming too intrusive.
Slimjet // ... comes with a built-in ad blocker //

The front page is all ads, or links to sites such as eBay & Walmart.
Next, MalwareBytes asked for my email address. Not necessary.
Well, it seems to work on the Daily Mail site which is usually unreadable.

The video download works too, though a bit differently. Needed a codec, available from the Microft store. Painless install.
I'll give it a whirl.

AZardoz, you may find as you use it that the default links you see at the moment are replaced by ones you regularly use.

And you can set your homepage.
Thanks, jno & Buenchico. Haven't had a chance to tune it yet.
It is zippy.
For AZ (and anyone else trying Slimjet):

To customise the new tab page, see here:

To get rid of the tiles altogether when you open a new tab, click on the cog wheel (top right corner) and go to Settings > Advanced > Tab options > Go to the following page when opening a new tab > Blank page.

To change the home page (while in Settings), click on Appearance and enter the URL of the page you want to appear. (I've got there). If you just want to see a blank page, enter about:blank

Click on 'On start-up' to likewise change the start page.

It can take a little time to configure Slimjet to one's exact requirements but it's definitely worth the effort!

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"Microsoft Recommends Switching To The New Microsoft Edge."

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