Search Engine Suddenly Changed To Yahoo?

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HongKongphooey | 20:16 Sun 06th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I use google Chrome on my tablet and desktop. But last week the search engine suddenly changed to Yahoo and its rubbish! Its done it on both computers? How can I getit back to google chrome permanently. Any help appreiciated.


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What browser are you using?

It's usually in settings.
I guess Chrome.

You need to change the search engine in your Chrome options.

I’m surprised surprised it lets you change from Google :-)
Question Author
sorry not very tech savvy, but I looked on settings and I think its Google chrome
If you are with BT and your email is with BT then start there. Careful what you click on when you are in your mail or BT home page if so. Yahoo is a damned nuisance and useless too boot
Question Author
Well, followed your link ichkeria and that was dead easy! Back to google now, I have no idea why it changed
Thanks again guys!
Check your default search engine settings in browser

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Search Engine Suddenly Changed To Yahoo?

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