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Zainraza124 | 18:42 Tue 25th Aug 2020 | Technology
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Consider a system with three users: Alice, Jin and Priya. Each owns files alicerc, jinrc and priyarc

correspondingly. Jin and Priya can read alicerc, Priya can read and write jinrc, Alice can read jinrc. Only Alice

can read and write alicerc, the file she owns. Assume that each file can be executed by its owner.

a. Create the access control matrix that describes the system.

b. Create access control lists for all three files.


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OK, I've considered it. What's the next step?
Try creating it in a spreadsheet - filenames aling the top, user names down the side. Then mark the relevant ones then over to you...
Someone wants you to do their homework again.

Why tech support generally bites.

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