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jennyjoan | 19:19 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Technology
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This question is not for me as I have Sky record.

I would like to know if you have a Freeview TV - is there a device that can record what's on Freeview daily to watch later.

How much are they. Thanks


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There have been 'Freeview+' devices available for many years. (They're set-top boxes for Freeview with a built-in recording facility). e.g. .
(Note that, just like old VCR videoptape machines, you still need to tell the box which programmes you want to record. It won't record all of Freeview's output!)

However they've largely been replaced these days by 'Freeview Play' set-top boxes, which are the same type of thing but which use home wifi to add in 'play on demand' catch-up TV as well. e.g.
(You still can't watch every Freeview channel at a later time though. You can record specific programmes to the box's hard drive or you can watch any of those channels which offer a streamed 'catch up' service; not all do).
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thanks Chris - knew I could depend on you. Hope you are keeping well.

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