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MWG14 | 18:18 Fri 22nd May 2020 | Technology
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I have the above phone, a digital cordless phone with answering machine. It has started to play up and I assumed that the batteries needed to be replaced. However, the four handsets appear to be sealed units with no way to change batteries.

Do any of you have this phone and can you give advice please?


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If you ever need to remove the
batteries, place your fngers in the
groove at the bottom of the handset
and lift the cover up to release it.
Then, gently ease the batteries out.


These are rechargeable batteries.
Question Author
Yes I have the correct batteries ready to put in but I cannot see a groove at the bottom of any of the handsets.
This may show it, haven't watched it all yet.

Question Author
Thank you very much for taking the trouble to provide these links.

Unfortunately the video shows how to set the phone up in the first place and not how to change batteries. My phone has been trouble free for several years.
I have that model and replacing batteries is as mama describes.
Page 12 of Mama’s pdf link shows a picture of what you’re supposed to do. Groove is a bit of a subjective description, could just be an indentation, essentially they should pull apart from the bottom
...and be careful. Getting at batteries in all sorts of items often means bits of plastic breaking off and the backs never fitting properly again!
I have the same phone, the back of the phone is split into two pieces the top two thirds is solid the bottom third comes away by just gently pushing in and pulling down.You can now replace the rechargeable batteries Hope this helps
Question Author
You have all been so helpful and I thank you sincerely for that. The backs of my handsets are definitely not split into two pieces. There is a helpline number in the instruction booklet so I will ring that on Monday. I’ll let you know the outcome.
Question Author
Thank you to everyone who offered help. The problem was finally solved when I rang the BT helpline. My phone has a solid front and back rather than the back being split into two pieces. The BT person told me to look for a very tiny split at the base and push a small knife or a screwdriver into it to separate the front from the back. This I did with great difficulty but finally it eventually worked. I have fitted new batteries and all four handsets now work.

So glad you got it sorted.

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Bt8600 Advanced Call Blocker

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