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ste v | 18:18 Tue 12th May 2020 | Technology
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Do apple sell in-car chargers for their laptops ? I can't find one anywhere


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no but you can get a a battery that will charge it.
You could try something like this: User Recommendation

It's excellent. It means I can use the MB-Air for 15 hours or more without needing to re-charge, so don't need to worry about conserving battery.

If you want to use the MB-Air as a passenger, then the battery is a good way to get extended use without mains power. On the other hand, it's a lot more expensive than the little car charger above.

If you just want to charge the laptop while driving, or have it play music on a long drive, then the small car charger is probably the right way to go.

Good luck
a long answer disappeared.
I meant this: User Recommendation?th=1
The charger in Rationalist's link at 2043 only delivers a maximum of 30 watts, whereas the regular charger for a Macbook Air is rated at 45 watts. I'd be concerned about the risk of overheating if that charger was to be used.

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