Deleting And Reinstalling Itunes On Laptop

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shivvy | 15:53 Sat 25th May 2019 | Technology
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I am having a problem backing up my iphone to my laptop. It will synchronise but not back up.
I was wondering if it might help for me to delete and reinstall itunes.
My last successful backup was on 10th April so my question is - will I lose anything by deleting itunes?


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Reinstall iTunes - it may ask you if you want to repair or reinstall.
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What does the repair options do Tuvok? Might that fix the failure to back up?
And if I reinstall do I lose anything eg info since the last back up?
A repair install will reinstall any part of itunes that is required.

Try restarting the phone (not just putting it to sleep)
Question Author
Yes, I have restarted the phone and the laptop and itunes - a lot!

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Deleting And Reinstalling Itunes On Laptop

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