Sky Catch Up Not Working

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Wispy68 | 10:25 Sat 25th May 2019 | Technology
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Hello all!
Since we had a new carpet fitted on Monday, our Sky Catch Up isn't working.
The fitter placed the carpets over the cables, one of which was apparently frayed.
We now need to buy 25/30m of cable.
Can anyone think of any other cause, before we buy new cable and if we do, what is the cable called, so that we know exactly what to look for?
Thank you


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If your box is not to old you can get a wifi plug in adaptor which will probably only cost about the same as the cables.

This sort of thing -

but shop around you might get it cheaper.
Sky Catch Up comes via your internet.

You will have a cable from the dish to the box. Is your Sky working?

How is your Sky connected to your internet router? Is it by cable or wifi?

What message do you get when trying catch up?

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Sky Catch Up Not Working

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