Why Is My Chat/message Time Stamp Incorrect On Mobile When I Receive Then From Facebook

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Galaxy1965 | 09:47 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Technology
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Why is my chat/message time stamp incorrect on mobile when I receive then from Facebook? They are saying the time is an hour later than it is, I received a message at 8.15am and it says 9.15am, anyone know why and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.


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I though that the time stamp function was to inform you, or prove to you, the time that your outgoing message had been read or opened by the recipient? Is the recipient in the same time zone as you? We in the UK are now on BST and our clocks went forward by an hour last month.
Facebook time stamp looks a little different to Whasapp;s. It appears to use you last usage of the site as the time stamp. ie Facebook updates your timestamp based on your activity.
Not on Facebook but have found this.

//The timestamp changes when someone goes into the conversation, starts typing a message but doesn't send the message.

For example, you send a message and the recipient sees it at 10:30pm. End of conversation. Later at 11pm the recipient goes back into the conversation and starts typing but doesn't send the message. Now the timestamp will say 11pm.
Simply going into the conversation doesn't seem to change the timestamp - you have to start typing something to do so.//

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Why Is My Chat/message Time Stamp Incorrect On Mobile When I Receive Then From Facebook

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