Is It Ok To Take A Co2/smoke Detector In Cabin Bag On A Flight To Spain...

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RSDonovan | 12:44 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | Technology
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...assuming I remove the battery?



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Expect a discussion with customs but they should easily be able to identify it as a non threat.
Check with your airline ( just to be safe)
Does it contain a radioactive component? If so, then no.

See here for more details:
If you are able to get hold of a human being at the security check section of your departure airport then you should ask them - in the UK (major airports) this is, to the best of my knowledge, impossible unless you go there in person and go up to the entrance - even then you are unlikely to succeed in having a conversation with anyone who is sufficiently authoritative. Spanish customs will almost certainly totally uninterested in your smoke detector and they don't decide whether you can take it aboard the aircraft. Your airline is the best bet - any radioactive component will be minuscule but you are not likely to chance upon anybody who understands that and ignores the box-ticking.
I don't see why not. It's not classed as dangerous goods. The Security people might query it though - they're not the most informed of people and if they don't like something you are pretty much up against a brick wall (even when they're wrong)
Many Co2/smoke detectors have batteries that cannot be removed. Make sure your's can and then you can wrap it in a towel and put it in your suitcase .. assuming you have one ?
I would contact your airline and if is ok with them have them send you a confirmation email. Then take then item out of your luggage to go through security. If you still have it take the original box/ packaging with you. Good luck

// Many Co2/smoke detectors have batteries that cannot be removed //

So when the battery goes flat are you saying you have to replace the whole thing every time, Rubbish!
Baldric you obviously have had little to do with the modern detector... and yes with a sealed battery compartment you do dispose of them when the battery goes flat, it's common practice.
A detector is not for life .. the whole nature of replacing the unit is good practice.
My British Gas issued detector has non-removable batteries.
if worst happens and you are not able to fly with it, you should be able to leave it at airport and collect on your return.
Tilly2 my home smoke detectors supplied by local fire brigade after we had chimney fire have 10 year non removable battery.
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Thanks for all your help! The trouble is that unless I have a definitive answer I might have to throw it away if they won’t let it through!

Not a disaster, but I’ll have to seek and buy another one in Mallorca - it’s for my holiday flat!

Oh well, another win for the terrorists
could you order one from say amazon and get it posted to your flat ?
RS, the only sure way to get a definitive answer is to contact the air line.
Most airlines do live chats.
The definitive answer is - it's not classed as dangerous goods so unless some jobsworth on Security who doesn't know what they are talking about queries it, it would be allowed on board.
What's the issue with batteries? People take their mobiles/tablets/laptops on a plane with no issue.
I have one in my Spanish house brought from England a couple of years ago. I don`t remember any problem. It would have been in hand luggage because we haven`t used big cases for a few years.

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Is It Ok To Take A Co2/smoke Detector In Cabin Bag On A Flight To Spain...

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