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wolf63 | 15:29 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Technology
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Our shop manager takes photos of books that are to be sold online. My job is to crop the pics, value & research and put them on our website so that they can be sold.

I hate using the cropping tool thingy in the shop and have decided that it will be much simpler to crop them here, do some research on older books and then next time I am in the shop I can upload them.

I have done this once and it worked well. I used my memory stick thing. We have tried email but the computer system had a nervous breakdown.

I believe that Google+ are no more, is there anyway that he can stick the card from the camera and send the pictures to a site where I can pick them up and edit them and then send (or whatever) them back to the shop?


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You want to be able to mount the memory card from the camera as an external drive on your computer?
You can buy external disk drives for multiple formats and attach them with a USB cable.
I have one I bought years ago that cost next to nothing.
It’s got slots for san disks etc on it
Yes, dropbox
wolf, i would personally send them to myself via whatsapp or telegram. That way, they are stored on the messaging program instead of a specific computer, meaning they can be picked up anywhere. I would then send the edited ones back via the same channel.

Alternatively, drop box or something similar.
Sorry yes if you are asking for where to put them once loaded then Dropbox is one option
On some online auction sites, you can you key in the ISBN number (or scan the barcode) and it brings up a picture automatically and a suggested RRP.
This is how members of my band exchange pictures, videos, and audio.
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Dropbox sounds good.

It is easy when there is an ISBN number but some of the books are over 100 years old.

Thanks to all of you
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TheChair - I will have a look at that, thanks.

UKSWF - it is an Oxfam book and Music shop - they sell via their own website. It is not very user-friendly - it's carp actually.
I am a self confessed Bibliophile! What a lovely job you have. I suspect I would never get anything done and have a house full of beautiful books, but not a penny in the bank!
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UKSWF - I agree that it would be the ideal job - if they paid me. It is a lovely little shop with many interesting people.

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