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doddsredoubt | 16:21 Wed 26th Dec 2018 | Technology
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I am getting a new laptop next week,and it's a toss up between Acer or Asus,any ideas please.

Thank you any help


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I bought an Acer last year and am more than satisfied.
What do you need it for, your main usage?
Go to PC specialist and buy the best you can afford
I recently bought a H P. Brilliant.

My vote goes to HP as well, never had a problem.
Must admit I'm a fan of HP computers and laptops, have bee for many years. So I can recommend them but I'm sure there are others with similar recommendations. I guess it's a case of you makes your choice, I hope you get the one you want and that it is a brill machine.
Have a look on Dell Outlet.

This is where Dell sell off many of their products at reduced prices.

While some may be returned items or slightly scratched cases many are brand new excess stock they are trying to sell.

I have bought a few from Dell Outlet and when they have arrived they have been perfect.

I bought a Dell laptop earlier this year that cost me £380 from Dell Outlet and Currys were selling the same model for over £500.

Just search the internet for Dell Outlet.
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Thank you Samuraisan,TonyV,CrapAtCryptics,-SharononA-.Baldric & dunnitall,my friend had a HP not a lot of luck,but another friend

bought his son a Acer for Christmas from a computer shop and he is well pleased
I had a Samsung RF711,which was great,but they are not making them anymore.
To suggest this brand, or that brand is not a good way to make such a decision.

You need to look at the budget, and the specification available within that budget.

You also need to look at what is important to you:

- switch-on speed
- storage capacity
- processing power
- available memory (for multiple applications)
- screen space
- weight, size & portability
- style of keyboard
- connectivity and expandability
- security & encryption

And so on.
Personally, I prioritise weight, portability; processing power, memory and screen size over budget or expandability.

Others might prioritise price over portability.

Even if you just want to surf the web and do email, you may want to have many web-browser tabs open (requires more memory), or just look at one tab at a time - less memory and lower price.

The keypad may influence the speed at which you can type - if you type fast (or want to type fast), then a full-travel keyboard will lead to more errors and fewer words-per-miniute; while a short-travel keyboard will feel better. If you're a two-finger typer, then the style of keyboard will make little difference.

People can offer advice based on personal experience (I've bought both Acer and Asus, as well as Mac, HP, Dell and many others), but the real user experience will depend on much more on specification, price and style of use, than it does on brand name.

Broadly speaking, I pay between GBP1500-2000 for a laptop. That brings lots of memory, a good screen, fast processing and ultra-portability. It will need replacing after around 4-6 years

A budget of GBP300 will compromise on pretty much everything, but that might be enough for less-intensive users. It will probably need replacing after 3-4 years, and is unlikely to be usable after 5 years.

You pays your money and takes your choice.
I have an 8 year old sub-£300 laptop running Windows 7 and it's just fine.
More than anything, this emphasises how important it is to look at how you use a machine.

And what is important to you.

I'm guessing that a GBP300 machine bought 8 years ago takes a few minutes to switch on, and will show obvious delays when loading web pages.

If that does not matter to a user - fantastic!!

If it does, then you'll have to pay a bit more to avoid those delays.

As I said, you pays your money and takes your choice
Love windows 7 the best version IMO. Have a friend that builds second hand laptops, they are about £70 with software installed
TonyV - can we start a "We love W7" club?!
Can I join the W7 club? I've got two laptops with W10, but I prefer my desktop with W7 for printing posters, documents and writing letters.
Out of the Top 20 Best Buys on Which, 7 are Asus but there are no Acers until further down the list.
Think mine is an Acer ( not at home at present)
No problem from new in last eight years.
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Thank you Guilbert53,IJKLM,diddlydo,ladybirder & retrocop,I have two laptops in mind,Acer & Asus.

Thank you all for your help much appreciated

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