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bentaxle | 21:38 Tue 25th Dec 2018 | Technology
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Had a warning seemingly from Windows Defender and every thing seemed genuine telling me my PC had a dreadful virus and to d/load this prog Reimage , anyway I couldn't do anything until I did down load and open this Reimage which then seem to go through my Pc and inform me of the make and all the workings info including the speed , It was them I shut it down and did a full scan with my own Mcfee security which found nothing and every thing seems o/k the PC is back to normal But now I'm left with this Reimage prog which looks genuine on the pc or is this something to do with Windows Defender and best left alone


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I very much doubt Windows Defender wpuld go recommending third party software. Sounds like you've reacted to an advertisement.

Unsure how you couldn't do anything until you complied with this download. Are you sure you had the software it claimed to be ? Sounds like one claiming massive infection where little exists, to me.

Personally I'd try to uninstall it were I you.
This would NOT have been suggested by Windows Defender.

Many fake reviews for this product (often companies with dodgy software like this set up "fake" websites to review their own product - and of course give it a glowing review).

NEVER install software that is suggested by an advert or pop up. My guess a piece of Malware (small program) was downloaded to your PC when you visited a website and this piece of Malware is what suggested you install it (perhaps pretending it came from Defender).

Download and install Malwarebytes and run that to rid yourself of any Malware.

If that does not get rid of Reimage then try to uninstall it. Or search the internet for hints on how to uninstall Reimage (however DONT install any programs that offer to uninstall it for you - they will probably be as bad a Reimage)
er OK
I have installed malware
it turns out it is a trial
do I have to buy it?
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Thank you all for advice, I manage to delete the prog and everything's back to normal I should have know better in the first place
Bye the way I answered your replies but it didn't appear sorry about that must have sent it somewhere else
All the best

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Reimage Prog

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