Broadband Deal With Talk Talk Ends In January

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lankeela | 11:56 Thu 06th Dec 2018 | Technology
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They are putting it up to £21 a month from £19.95 (if I accept offer) - however I don't use a landline - what is the cheapest way of renewing or switching - is it possible to not use the landline? Would I be better with a dongle (whatever that means!) Not very technically minded so please answer in words of one syllable!


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When you say you don't use a landline, I assume what you mean is that you don't make any telephone calls via TalkTalk. Your internet signal comes down your landline and, for that reason, most internet deals include a charge for a landline.
phone talktalk, say you have found another provider and that your leaving, they will put you through to...i forget what its called dept
and say you found a better deal, they will offer you the same deal without the rise, if you agree to a two year deal, and your price will not rise within that two years, i did.. and i got fibre broadband, and a talktalk sim for £3.00 extra a month, that has if i remember 500 min 1000 txts 1gb data off the top of my head ?
^^^"customer retentions" is the dept.....

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Broadband Deal With Talk Talk Ends In January

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