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Dashcams - Philips

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bainbrig | 14:03 Wed 10th Oct 2018 | Technology
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Buying a dashcam for pal in Ireland. Above one, a Philips, looks good.

Anyone any experience of this one or similar for about £80-ish?




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No experience of this brand - but one comment ...

... remember that the Police can seize a dashcam in the event of an accident, and use the GPS info as evidence of vehicle speed - not just at the point of the accident, but throughout all other recordings - possibly then using that as evidence of 'driving style'.

I'm a cautious driver, but (like most people) occasionally 'push the envelope' a bit in safe conditions - so I'd never have a dashcam with GPS fitted/enabled in case it was misused against me.
One of the best ways to check out the quality of a dash cam is to look on Youtube for some actual recordings.

I've deliberately not embedded the following videos into this page, in order that you can see a larger size picture on the actual Youtube pages:



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Excellent Chris, thanks - you even chose appropriate Galway weather...


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Dashcams - Philips

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