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Touchpad Re-Enabled - Mouse Disabled

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Coppit | 04:52 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Technology
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Following a Windows update touchpad now works but Mouse does not. A check on Mouse settings shows it is working correctly. I've tried Fn+F7 (and F8, F9} and other mice, but no go. USBs all working.


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I am not technically minded but those that are are probably still in bed.

Do you want the touchpad to work or do you want it to be disabled and use the mouse instead? (mine is set like this)

What operating system are you using ie windows 10 etc.

I'm sure that someone who actually knows about this stuff will be along later and will be able to help you.

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TKS. O/S is Windows 10 and I want rid of the pesky touchpad and get back to a mouse!
Make and model of the laptop?
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Samsung 400B. Managed to get hold of my guru who has spent a couple of hours on problem; mouse now working but computer very slow etc. Will have another session with him tomorrow.

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Touchpad Re-Enabled - Mouse Disabled

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