I Keep Getting A Bar Across The Bottom Of My Amazon Tablet

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tamaris | 20:00 Wed 11th Jul 2018 | Technology
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Appearing all the time with a x in a circle to delete it. It is only doing this on Answerbank. There is also an Ad closed by Google with report this ad / why this ad. There are 4 boxes under that with different savings to o with ad. I can't get rid of it and it is covering the writing area ?


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have had this for several days - now blue privacy setting this morning. How to remove ? Thanks
//I Keep Getting A Bar Across The Bottom//

It's a shame the rest of your question doesn't appear in latest posts.

There is a thread in Editors blog on the same topic titled "Answerbank".
ouch ! lol
And when the masochist pleaded "whip me".
The sadist said "NO".
Joking apart (and the ed blog question has become chat) it's really irritating. It is in the way on a tablet and reject all is pointless as if you do you can't use the site at all.
Prudie, if you reject all you can still use AnswerBank by logging in again,
Yes but then it says if you want to continue using AB sign in and accept cookies so reject doesn't work.
No it doesn't. All we can do is wait for ED to try and sort it out.
Yes just seen ed's response so will wait.
This is the price you pay for using a free site.
In the past they have quietly sold you to advertisers. Now they need your consent, hence the box. If you don’t agree with losing all your privacy, then you can’t use the site.
Two different things happening here - one is an advert at the bottom of the page, and the other is a Privacy settings box related to cookie consent. Both move down the page with you so if they are in the way you should be able to scroll a little and they will move. The blue Privacy settings box is a legal requirement due to data protection and it won't be going anywhere.

Regarding what Gromit has said regarding privacy, if you click on Privacy settings and then click the small "back" link in red at the top left corner, you can choose which cookies to accept. Rejecting all cookies will log you out of the site because you need some cookies in order to stay logged in.
my blue friend has just gone :-)
ED All the buttons are blue.Does that mean they are rejected?
Hi Danny, yes if they are blue they are rejected.
Ta ED.
Answerbank now have to do this to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

// Sites will need to provide an opt-out option. Even after getting valid consent [for cookies], sites must give people the option to change their mind. If you ask for consent through opt-in boxes in a settings menu, users must always be able to return to that menu to adjust their preferences. //
Are you saying the blue box won't be going anywhere ever? If so no point in doing anything with it.
mine has gone prudie
Prudie, the blue boxes signify rejection. they turn green if you accept.

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I Keep Getting A Bar Across The Bottom Of My Amazon Tablet

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