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Mrs Sqad.

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Sqad | 09:07 Thu 05th Jul 2018 | Technology
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She is running Windows 8 using Outlook for her emails.
For many weeks, just one of her friend's emails only has the first sentence and the rest is blank.
Friend doesn't know why as all he other emails from friends are fine.
is it Mrs sqad's P.C that has the problem OR id it that particular friend's PC?

P.S I have tried Ibuprofen, she has monitored the situation and the problem still persists.


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Perhaps an incompatibility issue?
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LOL...between me and mrs Sqad?......almost certainly, bur what about the P.C problem?
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spath , who is "her"...Mrs sqad or her mate?
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If Mrs sqad (she who must be obeyed ☺☺) is receiving the full content of emails from other senders, then I would suspect Mrs sqad's friend is the culprit.

Send her the Ibuprofen and monitor the situation.
If it is anything like web forums, something might be being interpreted as control code and blanking out anything following. Can you right click or something, and look at 'source', find the end of the visual text and spot anything suspicious thereabouts ? In any case I'd suspect issues at the sender's end until indicated otherwise.

Have you got another PC you could ask the friend to send an email to? first to another email account, and then to Mrs Sqad's email account.
GCHQ are censoring in the interests of counter-terrorism.
They could just phone each other. :-)
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Thank you all.......a few leads there to follow.
Tell her to send it to me haha!
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When Mrs Sqad has opened the mail from her friend, has the message sent by her friend been likewise truncated or does it keep the full text in "sent" messages? Plus which browser is Mrs Sqad using(is it Internet Explorer 11 by any chance?) and what is friends browser?
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" has the message sent by her friend been likewise truncated or does it keep the full text in "sent" messages? "

I will find out.

Mrs Sqad uses Chrome.
There was a similar problem talked about in forums a few years ago Sqad. From what I can remember it hinged on the IE11 upgrade and fairly long emails that the sender had "saved" part way through composing. The senders were then finishing the mail message and sending. But only the part "saved" was being forwarded. I will have a look and see if I can find it. Seem to remember uninstalling IE11 and revering to IE10 was one answer but I don't think that is an option if you are using W8.1 as it will not run anything below IE11.
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Togo...yes....I remember that and have looked it up, but is was only in IE.
OK Sqad, crossed posts, Chrome for Mrs Sqad. What about friend? iPad, or phone perhaps? Which can be an issue.

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Mrs Sqad.

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